Blue Heron Half Marathon 2005

2nd Annual Creston Rotary Club Blue Heron Road Race
Saturday, September 25, 2005 - Creston B.C.

Half-Marathon: Overall Results

11/5Male 30 to 3950Alex BOYDCalgary1:25:334:04
21/2Male 50 to 5951Peter GLOSSOPDrumheller1:34:214:29
32/5Male 30 to 3955Nathan HELVOIGTCranbrook1:34:414:30
41/2Male 40 to 4961Kevin PASCOCreston1:37:304:38
53/5Male 30 to 3976Jim ELFORDCreston1:38:564:42
61/5Female 40 to 4959Leslie OLIVER1:39:264:43
71/5Female 20 to 2973Nancy WALKERCreston1:40:334:46
84/5Male 30 to 3954Tim HABERSTOCKCreston1:42:104:51
91/2Female 50 to 5963Kathy PASQUACranbrook1:48:385:09
102/5Female 40 to 4962Barbara AGUEROCanyon1:50:115:14
113/5Female 40 to 4965Mary RADONICCreston1:50:125:14
122/5Female 20 to 2977Pam ELFORDCreston1:50:155:14
134/5Female 40 to 4960Colleen OSIOWYCranbrook1:50:355:15
143/5Female 20 to 2957Candi HUSCROFTCreston1:50:355:15
155/5Female 40 to 4968Janet SHELBYSagle1:53:265:23
164/5Female 20 to 2953Natasha GOLDSBURY Creston1:54:005:25
172/2Male 50 to 5969Leo SLEIKCreston1:55:385:29
185/5Male 30 to 3958Dave MASONCreston1:57:305:35
192/2Female 50 to 5952Sharon GLOSSOPDrumheller2:02:365:49
201/5Female 30 to 3975Kathy WORDENSpokane2:02:555:50
212/5Female 30 to 3964Jennifer POLELLOColbert2:02:555:50
225/5Female 20 to 2966Becky REESCreston2:04:278:39
232/2Male 40 to 4972Brian WASILCIWCalgary2:05:185:57
243/5Female 30 to 3967Lisa ROBERTSFernie2:09:466:09
254/5Female 30 to 3956Uli HELVOIGTCranbrook2:10:116:11
265/5Female 30 to 3974Lisa WHITECranbrook2:33:117:16

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